Our Vision

An image of the future we seek to create


Alfreton Park - Pupils 080Achieve success through individual person centre approaches that unlock potential.

Love of learning.

Friendly and supportive family ethos.

Right to a fulfilled life.

Engaging and fun learning environments that encourage all individuals to grow.

Thrive on curiosity, enjoyment and independence.

Opportunities to explore and attention to individual learning.

Nurturing potential and striving towards independence.


Alfreton Park - Pupils 008Pride in ourselves, our friends, our school and our community.

Adventurous opportunities and ambitious goals.

Responsibilities – for own learning and behaviour and to those around us.

Kind word, kind actions and kind thoughts.


For more detail about our strategic planing please explore the Vision and School Improvement Plan priorities below:

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Vision and Strengths

School Improvement Plan 2015 -2018

Strategic Plan 2015 -2018

Draft Safeguarding Action Plan.docx

School Priorities 2015-2018

Sixth Form Action plan December 2015

Physical Action Plan December 2015

Phonics Action Plan – December 2015

School Improvement Plan 2015 -2018

Communication Action Plan Feb 2015

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