Pupil Attainment and Progress

Alfreton Park - Pupils 069Teacher assessment for most of our pupils uses the P levels: Performance Criteria which are compulsory national standards for describing pupil performance below National Curriculum level 1 and within levels 1 and 2 in English, mathematics and personal and social development. There are 8 P levels before the National curriculum levels.



The P levels our pupils reach (as an approximate guide)

P1 & P3 – cognitive levels similar to 12-24 months

P4 & P5 – 36 months

P6 to P8 – 48 – 60 months (nursery level curriculum)

NC1 & 2 – 5 to 6 years of age

Alfreton Park School - Pupils 092 Makaton

Alfreton Park School - Pupils 091 Makaton








Attainment levels

Alfreton Park - Pupils 038The majority of our pupils operate between P1 and NC (National Curriculum level) 2. By the time they leave 6th form the majority of the pupils who have been in school throughout their school careers achieve P6-7 whilst those joining us for 6th form mainly attain within NC 1-2. Pupils commencing on P1-2 usually remain within P2-4. These pupils have profound and multiple learning difficulties. (PMLD)

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) pupils’ progress is monitored through the early learning goals.

ALFE (6th Form pupils) Follow learning programmes which lead to ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) accredited units.

Pupils operating at P level 1-3 are also assessed using the Quest assessment which breaks down learning into very small steps which show progress within the P level.



Alfreton Park - Pupils 044We compare our results with the National Progression Guidance and ensure that we moderate our assessment with other schools from within the local authority and regionally.

Achievement 2011-2012 – Progress against Progression Guidance (End of Key Stages)

All pupils at the end of Key Stage in 2011-12 achieved within the median range when compared to the National Progression Guidance.

Pupil progress is broadly in line with expected progress.  Therefore, progress is good.

Alfreton Park - Pupils 037Taking account of their different starting points and their barriers to learning the majority of pupils met or exceeded their expected P Level targets. Therefore, progress is good as pupils achievement is broadly in line with expected targets. Individual analysis shows that the pupils who did not reach their targets had very significant barriers to learning related to health/ degenerative conditions

Please view our progress information here.

Progression Guidance Information Sheet

Progression Guidance 3 Year Summary 2012-2014

Progression Guidance Analysis 2012

Progression Guidance Analysis 2013

Progression Guidance Analysis 2014

Progression Guidance Analysis 2015


Your can view government Pupil Progression Comparisons information at


please not that this information does not contain very much information as our pupils are all exempt from national teasing due to their learning levels.

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