Curriculum Documents

The following documents detail our approach to teaching and learning:

Alfreton Park Curriculum Policy

Progressive Curriculum

Person Centred Planning Approach Diagram

EYFS Curriculum Overview

KS1 to KS4 Curriculum Overview

Adult Curriculum Overview

PMLD Curriculum Overview

To find out more information on statutory frameworks please click these links:

The following plans illustrate the breadth and balance of our curriculum:

EYFS Long Term Plan Year 1

EYFS Long Term Plan Year 2

EYFS Long Term Plan Year 3

KS1/2 Long Term Plan 3 Year Cycle

KS3 Long Term Plan 3 Year Cycle

KS4 Long Term Plan 3 Year Cycle

PMLD Long Term Plan 3 Year Cycle

The following documents explain our approach to assessment:

Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy

Assessment and Attainment Continuum

Assessment Cycle

The following documents analyse the progress of our pupils:

Progression Guidance Information Sheet

National Progression Overall 3 Yrs 2013 – 2015

Progression Guidance Analysis 2012

Progression Guidance Analysis 2013

Progression Guidance Analysis 2014

Progression Guidance Analysis 2015

The following documents support high quality teaching and learning over time:

Lesson Observation Support Plan

Non-Negotiable Lesson Characteristics

Lesson Study Process

Quality of Teaching Autumn Term 2014

Quality of Teaching SpringTerm 2015

Quality of Teaching Summer Term and Academic Year 2014-2015

Marking and Feedback Policy

The following documents uphold our commitment to pupil-centred planning:

ILP Process and Timeline

ILP Progress Review 2015








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