At Alfreton Park Community Special School, we know that our pupils need a means to express themselves, a reason to express themselves and ample opportunities to do so. The right to communicate underpins both our ethos and our curriculum.

Throughout our curriculum there is a strong emphasis on enabling children to use language to work together effectively. Recent research has shown the importance of the link between spoken language (including AAC), learning and cognitive development. Through using language and hearing how others use it, our pupils are exposed to opportunities to describe the world, make sense of life’s experiences and carry out day to day tasks. They learn to use language as a tool for thinking, collectively as well as alone.

We use a range of communication systems such as PECS (Pictorial Exchange Communication System), TaSSeLs (Tactile Signing for Sensory Learners), the Makaton Signing System and more to facilitate communication across the school, under the guidance of a Speech and Language Therapist who visits school at least once per week.

More information can be found here in our communication information pages. Please take a look!


Here are some useful links:

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TaSSeLs (Tactile Signing for Sensory Learners)

AAC (Alternative & Augmentative Communication)

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