School Policies

Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy

Accessibility Plan

Adverse Weather-V1

Managing Aggressive Behaviour 2017

Asbestos Policy

10.8 Administration of Medicines V02 Dec 2015

Anti-bullying Policy

Appraisal Policy (September 2013)

Appraisal Policy – Appendix

Attendance Policy

10.2 Authorised Leave of Absence Policy Dec 2015

Attendance Policy

Admissions Policy

Behaviour Principles Written Statement Oct 2015

16-19 Bursary Fund

Business Continuity Plan

Breast Ironing Policy


Promoting British Values

Bursary Fund Policy

Flowchart for Capability Procedures

Camp Fire Policy

Code of Conduct for Employees

Clothing & Uniform Policy

Charging Policy

Child Protection Policy

Code of Practice – Conduct for The Governing Body

Complaints Procedure Policy Nov 2016

Best Practice advice for School Complaints 2016

Evacuation Plan

Professional Competence of Teachers – July 13

Flowchart for capability procedures

External Complaints Policy signed


Policy for Children in Care with Annexes 

Charging and Remissions Policy

Clothing and Uniform Policy

Code of Conduct for Employees 

Critical Incident Plan

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy AP Dec 2016

Amendments inserts in CP Model policy sept 2015

Confidential Reporting Code (Whistleblowing Policy) Nov 2015

Data Protection Policy

Death in School

Disciplinary Procedure Policy signed

Early Years Policy

Equality Information

Equality & Diversity statement 2017

Equality Policy

Evacuation Plan1

Evacuation Plan2

Extremism & Radicalisation 2017

Online Safety Policy signed

Freedom of Information

Grievance Procedure – Sept 2012

Financial Regulations

Fires and Small Camp Fires

Healthy Eating Policy

Home Visits Guidance

Dealing with Complaints of Harassment

Insurance Claims Against The School

Hygiene Procedures Policy

Keeping Safe – Staff

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